KPTI System

Secured online collaboration tools to enable the exchange of real time, evidence based, case related professional opinion regarding all aspects of management of pediatric injury.

Research Tools

Public research data, reports and tools for use by any health care professional to track the demography, epidemiology, and outcome of injured children in North America.

Making Kids Safe

Online resources for preventing traumatic injury, the leading cause of death and disability in children over the age of one year and continuing through adolescence.

Mission Statement

Recognizing that accurate and timely data acquisition is essential to understanding the disease of injury in children, and that valid data is the platform upon which improved methods of therapy are based, the project will exploit state of the art information technology to implement a secure, Internet based trauma registry that will enable any interested health care professional in the world submit data and participate in the process of investigation of all aspects of childhood injury.

Simple and secure data contribution

The more mechanisms there are for contributing data to the portal, the bigger the repository grows. The new system will allow registrars to upload a single file to supply all their data.

Wiki tools for self-authoring

Instead of sending articles to a publisher or developer, contributors will be empowered to self publish their own ideas. Other users can then “co-contribute”. Ideas power other ideas and become meaningful results for treatment and prevention.

AdHoc analytic engine

Improving the ways to analyze, export, report and mine the data repository means making better use of the data. The portal becomes a virtual lab when analytics are combined with collaboration tools like the Wiki.


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